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Within the shadowy abyss of the Infitialis Realm stood a single robed figure, veiled in a cloak of blood red feathers and eyes of malice. This being looked around his surroundings, where the shadows around him danced and the ground was little more than a wispy smoke before suddenly, the figure pointed a single pale as moon finger. He began making circling motions at nothing til a hole formed and within the hole a scene of a woman carrying her two children, little more than babes  running from a great shadow.

As the woman ran, screams could be heard in the background as her father, a burly old man with piercing eyes and flowing beard, was butchered. his entrails beginning to spew out of his chest as he screamed for her to run while he was desperately trying to hit his opponent with a simple lumber ax to no avail, the blade of it merely passing through the shadowy being. As he screamed, the woman and their two children, one of sunset colored hair and the other of a ocean blue, fled into the woods. She hid behind a great oak tree as she sat her charges down giving each of them an earring, one the color of the stars and another of blackest night.

“Kasai, my son to you I give this earring of your father.” She began as she clipped it to his right ear as the babe sobbed. “The Negaring will keep you safe from the forces of darkness until you are reunited.”

The sounds of the approaching shadow, amplified by the snapping of the trees, was growing closer.

“Mizu, my son to you I give this earring of your father” She said, voice trembling as the threat loomed ever closer. Both of the twins crying as she put the earring of the stars on Mizu’s left ear “The Ring of The Celeste will grant you protection in my place.” She said visibly shaking as the sound of the shadow was almost on top of them.

“Father of my children please...hear my plea and deliver them to safety. I beg of you..” She pleaded as the figure looking at her through the realm of darkness bowed his head in shame, the shame of being unable to protect the only thing he's ever cared about. He waved his finger again as the twins, Kasai and Mizu Yume were wrapped in a bright light and whisked off in front of their mother. She smiled, tears streaming down her cheek as a lone claw pierced her through the tree and out of her chest. As she died, she simply mouthed “Thank you.”

The being, the father of the childern, cried. He cried for the first time in a millenia. He cried for the loss of the woman he loved, and for the fate of his beloved children.

To be continued

From The Infitialis Realm
Prolouge for a new story im working on, who :iconaka-hana: kicked my ass into gear to get me to write it, criticism is appreciated. 
You ever just look up at the stars, think about how stupid you are. If it makes you feel better im a fucking rock star. WITH AN AMAZING PENIS (Penis) 
I have literally no motivation for literally anything but sleeping and occasionally playing Final Fantasy 

No I am not a new deviant, ive been here since like 2012

but lost password for old account




No I am not a new deviant, ive been here since like 2012

but lost password for old account





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